Life-form Type: Insectoid
Homeworld: Xiati Prime
Lifespan: 25 years
Government: Xiati Empire

Xiati-Insectoids are members of the multi-species Xiati race.


The Insectoids, like all Xiati species, have distinctive ridges on their cheeks. They were, as their name suggests, insect-like in appearance. Their average life expectancy was estimated to be twenty-five years. It was easy to find, on their ships, individuals about twenty years old, who were probably considered "elders."

They are genderless and reproduced asexually. Also, because of their insectoid nature and the shortness of their life span, they were strongly concerned over the survival of their offspring. They protected their young by making a hatchery brig attached to their ships and shielded it in case of danger, even at the expense of the ship's life support system. Each individual was able to produce large clusters of eggs.


Insectoids interpret raised voices as a sign of hostility.

They have names that grow longer and more difficult to pronounce as they grow older.

They have a communal society with rigid rules and hard working citizens going about their business. Their offspring are protected and sacrificing one’s own life for the young of their community is not only acceptable but considered proper.


Like the other races, the Insectoids worship deities known as the Guardians.