Life-form Type: Non-humanoid
Homeworld: Xiati Prime
Government: Xiati Empire

The Xiati-Aquatic are a non-humanoid race that evolved to living underwater. They were one of the five species of Xiati, with whom they shared a common genetic ancestry.


The Aquatic females were larger and had rougher skin than the males who were more slim and had smoother skin. Females had a more humanoid-looking face, whereas male faces were rounder.

They had slit-like irises in their eyes and were capable of seeing far better, underwater, than humanoids were. Aquatics had three fingers on each forelimb, ending in short fingernail-like claws, with webbing in-between for easier swimming. Their skin was a greenish shade and had blotches of olive. Like all Xindi, they had a fold at the top of their cheekbone. They had tails for maneuverability and their hind limbs were fins.


Unlike the Reptilians and Insectoids, the Aquatics are complicated and enigmatic and were known to over-analyze, taking an excruciatingly long period of time to come to decisions; they once took six days just to agree to attend a specific meeting of the Council.

They respond better to visual stimuli and were extremely suspicious of the spoken word. They admired boldness and confidence and treated hushed tones with suspicion.

They enjoy sculptures made from natural and artificially created substances. Most important to them is smooth flowing lines and a sense of harmony with in the piece.


Like the other races, the Aquatics worship deities known as the Guardians.