Seal of the Terran Federation

Seal of the Terran Federation.

The Terran Federation is the official government of Earth and its colonies.


The Terran Federation is a Federal Parliamentary Democracy.

Their government is headed by a Prime Minister, who serves as the head of state, government and commander-in-chief of the Terran Federation Military. The Vice Minister typically serves as the successor to the Prime Minister should he/she be unable to perform his/her duties. Other executives include the Council of Ministers, which serves as the cabinet.

The Parliament is responsible for the proposal and passing of bills and new articles of legislation. The Parliament is comprised of two representatives from each Terran Federation colony, the exception being colonies in the Sol system, who sends three.

The Judiciary Branch of the Terran Federation has three separate levels. The Supreme Court is the highest court in the Terran Federation and deals only with the most severe of cases; high treason, attempted murder of the cabinet, war crimes such as genocide and so forth are brought before this court. It consists of eight justices and a Chief Justice, continuing with slight modifications the style of the Supreme Court of the United States. Below this court are the Colonial Courts; they deal with major issues on individual planets within the Alliance that are important, but not so important as to be taken to the Supreme Court. Below them are the District Courts; smaller courts on different regions of a planet to deal with minor to moderately important cases.


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The Terran Federation military is divided between three separate branches: army, navy and rangers.


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The Terran Federation has heavily colonized the Sol system as well as many nearby star systems. By 2748, Terran Federation space had encompassed over 800 worlds.